IncidenTraxTM/ SupporTraxTM


Implementation & Support Services

Services for IncidenTrax / SupporTrax include:

  • Initial requirements analysis, design and installation consulting
  • Configuration, custom implementation, and training
  • Data import and integration with legacy databases and systems
  • Ongoing hosting, maintenance and support (at client site, and through Acenes' 7x24x365 Technology Support Center)

Web-Based Incident Tracking & Service Request Management Systems

Acenes' IncidenTraxTM / SupporTraxTM line of software products provides web-based systems that are applicable to a wide range of Federal government requirements for incident tracking and service request management.

Incident Tracking, Reporting & Resolution System
Federal, state and local government organizations must be able to track and closely manage responses to security and emergency incidents. These requirements are also applicable to inter-agency and Federal-state-local coordination organizations, to non-profits, and the private sector.

Acenes' IncidenTrax / SupporTrax system is a totally web-based system that can be easily configured and deployed to handle incident management and response needs. IncidenTrax / SupporTrax can be effectively applied across diverse and geographically separate organizations that do not have common information systems. The secure IncidenTrax / SupporTrax system can:

  • Enable authorized personnel to record incidents and initiate responses
  • Apply unique business rules for routing alerts (via web, email, pager etc.)
  • Restrict access to authorized groups, each with unique access rights
  • Automatically initiate detailed follow-up response plans & work-flow routings
  • Insure integrity and audit-trail of actions through date-time stamping
  • Generate operational logs & management reports
  • Be integrated with other databases and systems
  • Provide flexibility to re-program and customize the system over time

Service Request Management System
Acenes' IncidenTrax / SupporTrax systems provide a wide range of "service request" applications for supporting government programs and related business processes, including:

  • Technical Support Help Desks (including phone/email support, and desk top support)
  • Service Desks applicable to many government programs and business processes
  • Constituent/Customer Relationship Management applications
  • Support of software systems implementation, deployment, support, and maintenance

Acenes IncidenTrax / SupporTrax Web-Based Systems Include:
Service Request Management, KnowledgeBases, WorkFlow, Document Management, eForms, CTI integration (with ACDs/telephony equipment), Asset Management, Self-Service Portals, Personal Portals, Data Extraction & Reporting